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According to the rules of the profession by carrying out a consistent care there is the possibility to treat chronic and acute sinusitis, ear canal and middle ear inflammations (otitis media) with the usage of soft laser and biomagnetic resonance therapy. In acute inflammatory processes laser energy causes biostimulation in the affected areas, boosts the activity of immune cells, reduces the pain, shortens recovery time. In chronic processes the magnetic therapy restores normal cell regulation, thus encouraging healing.

Soft laser treatments (with 150-200 mW power output device)

Treatments are carried out with safety goggles, and are pain and radiation free.

  • Maxillary sinus treatment with soft laser 3-3- minutes;
  • Frontal sinus treatment with soft laser 2-2 minutes
  • Soft laser treatment of auditory ducts is carried out through a closed glass funnel, through which the laser is directed. The glass funnel is placed into the auditory duct. The duration of the treatment is 2-2 minutes.
  • In case of middle ear infection (otitis media), soft leaser treatment of the area behind the ears for a duration of 2-2 minutes.

Biomagnetic therapy

A magnetic field is created specifically targeting the treated organ, causing biostimulation, improving microcirculation, enhancing the activity of immune cells, facilitating the normalization of cellular relationships and transmitting energy towards the cells, thus speeding up the healing of the tissues, organs and the human body. This treatment is very suitable to cure tingle in the ears, dizziness (see audiology), sinus-, middle ear inflammation, eczema, allergic flu (see allergology). The organ-specific duration of the treatment is 30 minutes. In case of chronic processes (exceeding a month) 6-8 treatments, in case of acute inflammations 2-3 treatments are recommended.

We advise the biomagnetic treatment in the following cases: sinusitis inflammation, middle ear infection, dizziness, tingle in the ears, allergic diseases.

EarDoc therapy

The efficiency of the device is carried out by the resonance principle. The micro-vibrations exercised onto the areas behind the ears help the release of the inflammatory secretions taking place in the middle ear towards the nose. The therapy is recommended both in case of middle ear inflammation and eustachian tube catarrh. The healing might be even more efficient if combined with soft laser therapy.  

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