Our fees/prices

X-ray scans, radiographs Price

Intraoral X-ray scan

1.500 HUF

Panoramic X-ray (the scan is evaluated and provided on a CD)

3.900 HUF

3D computed tomography (the scan is provided on a CD)

19.000 HUF
Consultations Price

Dental check and consultation (the price will be deducted from the fee of the treatment carried out at our dentistry)

3.000 HUF

Consultation about implants (the price will be deducted from the fee of the implant surgery carried out at out dentistry)

10.000 HUF
Oral hygiene interventions Price

Tooth scale removal (depuration) per jawbone

5.000 HUF

Polishing (per jawbone)

2.000 HUF

Professional sandblasting teethcleaning (for both jawbones)

16.000 HUF

Teeth whitening (at home) depending on used material (per jawbone)

Between 16.000 - 25.000 HUF

Teeth whitening (at our dental clinic) depending on used material (per jawbone)

Between 35.000 - 50.000 HUF

Internal whitening og given teeth

Between 8.000 - 12.000 HUF

Oral hygiene consultation

Free of charge
Dental fillings Price

Aesthetic fillings (depending on the specificities of the tooth and the surface covered by the filling)

Between 10.000 - 24.000 HUF

From inlay or onlay porcelain (depending on tooth specificities, surface covered etc.)

Between 45.000 - 55.000 HUF

Inlay or onlay gold

40.000 HUF + price of the gold
Root canal treatments Price

Direct pulp capping

6.000 HUF

Root canal treatment with drug closure, temporary filling (depending on the number of root canals)

Between 15.000 - 30.000 HUF

Root sealing (depending on the number of root canals)

Between 15.000 - 40.000 HUF
Pediatric dentistry Price

Channeling (depending on the used material)

Between 6.000 -10.000 HUF

Milk tooth filling

9.000 HUF

Milk tooth grinding

5.000 HUF

Milk tooth extraction

5.000 HUF

Milk tooh nerve treatment

5.000 HUF

Anesthetic injection (if needed)

2.000 HUF
Orthodontics Price

Each orthodontic treatment is customized

The fee of 40.000 HUF of the required X-ray scan and impressing image will be deducted from the price of the treatment. The detailed price can only be provided once having finalized the treatment plan with the Client. This depends - among others - on the materials used, on aesthetics, on the extent to which the teeth need to be moved and on the lenght of the treatment.  


Depends on personal needs, materials, aethetics, lenght of treatment etc.

Study sample (per jawbone)

1.500 HUF

Metal ceramic dental crown on golden frame

Tangential or shoulder preparation and also depending on the finged metal edge used for the treatment

Between 40.000 - 50.000 HUF and the price of the gold
Fixed prosthetics Price

Metal ceramic porcelain dental crown

Tangential or shoulder preparation, finged metal edge, depending on the porcelain brand used for the treatment

Between 40.000 - 50.000 HUF

Zircon dental crown

Starting from 70.000 HUF

Ceramic dental crown

Starting from 60.000 HUF

Lag-screw abutment (cast)

25.000 HUF

Lag-screw abutment (gold cast)

25.000 HUF + price of the gold

Core buildup (depending on the material)

Starting from 15.000 HUF

Removal of crowns (by cutting per piece)

3.000 HUF

Permanent dental crown (depending on the material used)

Starting from 5.000 HUF

Recementing a dental crown (per piece)

5.000 HUF
Removable prosthetics Price

Full removable denture

Per jawbone, plastic (depending on the material used, depending on clear etc.)  

Between 120.000 - 180.000 HUF

Metal frame denture

Per jawbone, depending on extension, material used etc. 

Between 150.000 - 240.000 HUF

Combined prostheses with hidden anchoring

Individually tailored, prices depend on the state and stability of the teeth, how they might be railed, what kind of lock is used etc.




Depends on the listed factors
Periodontics Price

Periodontics consultation

The fee will be deducted from the price of the periodontics treatment caried out at our dentistry.

5.000 HUF

Closed curettage

Per jawbone, depending on the number of teeth

Between 15.000 - 20.000 HUF

Open curettage, per tooth

Starting from 60.000 HUF

Diode laser periodontal surgery

Per jawbone, depending on the number of teeth and the number of interventions required 

Between 25.000 - 35.000 HUF
Oral surgery Price

Tooth extraction

10.000 HUF

Surgical tooth removal

25.000 HUF

Surgical removal of wisdom tooth

25.000 HUF


5.000 HUF


By cutting or by laser

Between 6.000 and 8.000 HUF
Implants Price


After having released the implant a gum shaping screw of the same brand as the implant needs to be put in. Then a head of the same brand as the implant needs to be put into the implant, after that the crown is placed onto the head. 

The entire fee of the implant treatment from the start of the procedure, so from the first surgical intervention until the restoration of the chewing function, so until the last phase, can only be determined (confirmed officially and also in writing) when having the knowledge and the experience of the given bone/jaw structure (OP, CT), once the brand of the implant has been selected.


Starting from 80.000 HUF, depending on the brand of the implant

Bone replacement + membrane

Starting from 60.000 HUF

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